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Located in the western edge of the island, Fira is the charming capital of Santorini. Its cosmopolitan ambiance infused with the ever-intriguing volcanic landscape, makes it the most popular settlement on the island. Standing opposite the volcano and the two volcanic islands of Palaia Kameni and Nea Kameni, its caldera offers stupendous views. 

Its bustling center host an astonishing array of shops that fascinate the shopping aficionados. International and local brands offer quite everything, from fine garments and elegant jewelry to whimsical mementos. There are also plenty of amenities for a convenient stay. Local buses transfer daily the visitors to the beaches, hence having a vehicle isn’t really necessary. 

At night you will find yourself in the middle of a big party. Fine bars and nightclubs become the perfect playground for those who seek intense night-outs. You can also find an impressive array of cafes and restaurants to indulge in culinary delights.
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A melange of tranquil images appears as you stroll around Fira’s cobbled alleys. The curvy Cycladic lines along with the quaint edifices constitute quite a backdrop, to unwind in carefree moments. A walk to the caldera will fuel you up with the most intoxicating setting. As the sun dives in the infinite blue, a celestial feast takes place, featuring a wide spectrum of pink and orange hues. 

Fira is also home to some wonderful landmarks, such as the Megaro Gyzi Cultural Center, famous for its collections, cultural events, theatrical performances and concerts. The two imposing cathedrals are definitely worth your attention, while Museum of Prehistoric Thera and the Archaeological Museum of Thera showcase a wealth of intriguing relics and artifacts from all over the island. 

Santorini’s capital has something for everyone; from romantic strolls to delightful moments by the sea, a unique stay experience awaits.
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